Our Seeds Project

This story all began when we were preparing some fruit for snack, some of the children noticed the seeds in the apples and pears, Ezra said "we can plant this"...

After collecting lots of seeds from different fruits, we noticed that they were all different shapes and sizes. We talked about what we might need to grow the seeds, some of the children knew that we needed soil and water. As a group we thought about what we would like to learn and what seeds we would like to grow. Some of the children said they had visited the Garden Centre before, or had planted seeds at home before.

The next day in nursery, we explored lots of different fruits and vegetables, looking at the different seeds and comparing them.We used lots of language about size, shape and texture. We also learned some Makaton signs that we might use when gardening.

We did an experiment, where we tried different ways to grow the cress seeds. We noticed that the best cress grew in the sunshine. 

We all started to plant seeds to grow different flowers and vegetables, and during the half term break, the children took their sweetpea plants home to care for them. After the holidays, we measured the plants in different ways, one of the children had a great idea about how we could measure them! (See photos!)

We now have lots of lovely things growing in our vegetable patch, and are looking forward to lots more, including cooking with the vegetables and going strawberry picking soon.