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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
At our nursery, we follow the EYFS. This is a statutory framework that sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that the children in their care learn and develop well, stay safe and are kept healthy.

The EYFS promotes partnership working between practitioners and families to ensure the best start possible for children. It seeks to make sure that every child makes good progress and has the opportunity to gain a secure foundation through learning and development opportunities. These opportunities and experiences must take into account individual children’s needs and interests.

A new booklet called What to expect when has been produced to provide information to parents about their child’s learning and development.

The purpose of this booklet is to help you as a parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the EYFS. Children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time. This booklet has been written to help you as a parent know what to expect during these vitally important years by focusing on the seven areas of learning and development which are covered in the EYFS.

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Uniform and Clothing
Our school uniform is not compulsory but it has been chosen to facilitate your child’s independence – simple pull off/on garments with no tricky fastenings. It is simply:

A red sweatshirt with our school logo embroidered on the chest

This can be ordered using a school order form available from the office. We also suggest parents buy a polo shirt to go underneath and black/grey jogging bottoms. You can also buy plain red sweatshirts from many high street stores and supermarkets.

Should you choose for your child not to wear school uniform, then we ask that you do choose clothing which will enable your child to be as independent as possible. Your child will need to remove items to go to the toilet so they need trousers and underwear that they can get up and down easily – belts and buckles and dungarees are awfully difficult, especially if you’re ‘desperate’!  They will need to put on their own coat and sometimes change their shoes or put on waterproofs, so please make it easier for your child by having shoes with fastenings they can do by themselves, eg, Velcro and easy coat fastenings too. We will always support a child who needs help with these things but their independence, in preparation for school, is our aim.

We also ask that you clearly label any clothing your child is likely to take off – coats, jumpers, cardigans, etc.

All of the staff at Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School do their best to ensure your child is ‘school ready’. We can do this more effectively if your child has good attendance at nursery.

There is a strong link between attendance and educational attainment. Research has concluded that children have little chance of catching up to their peers if their attendance is poor. This doesn’t just impact on a child’s early years’ education but later on in their school careers they are likely to get further behind. This could result in future disengagement in school as they get older, including truancy, exclusions and, of course, fewer and lower educational qualifications.

It is therefore crucial that we all get it right from the start! The government aims for all children to have at least 96% attendance, which equates to just eight days off per year. So please endeavour to get your child in nursery every day – and we can cope with minor coughs and colds! That way, we have the best chance of enabling your child to reach their full potential.



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