Where do vegetables come from?

Gardening has been a project that has lasted throughout the whole school year. This is how it began…

To develop children’s involvement in snack preparation, we took them to the supermarket to buy a variety of vegetables for snack. We wondered if they would be able to name any of the vegetables, we were pleasantly surprised at how many they were able to name.







After speaking to the children, we realised that most children assumed that vegetables come from supermarkets. To give them a better understanding, we arranged to visit a local farm and learned about the different vegetables that grow there, and how they grow.





The children now have a better understanding of the origin the vegetables we eat, and we are now ready to start planting our own!






We visited the garden centre to purchase a variety of seeds and plug plant vegetables.





The pictures show the independence that the children had, planting them, and looking after the plants as they grew. The children know the importance of watering the plants regularly, and the different things that plants need to grow, such as sunshine, soil and compost.




Now we have a range of freshly grown vegetables which we will enjoy cooking with!We have runner beans, broad beans, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, kale, radish, beetroot and broccoli!