Forest School: Gallery

The Environment, by Erin

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 9:48am

Paint Exploration Project, by Mrs Kirkbride

Date: 13th Dec 2019 @ 10:19am

This term we noticed that lots of the children have been enjoying spending time using the paint at nursery. This has inspired a project around paint exploration with these children to provide new and interesting opportunities and ways for them to use paint.

First we looked at different things we could use to paint with, we looked at the resources we have on our shelf at nursery. We had paint brushes, rollers and sponge dabbers. We looked at the different marks each of these item made using the paint, they were all very different. The children then explored these themselves.

Then we looked at using printing as a new skill, this was modelled to the children and the children helped to collate items we could print with. The children explored this technique and created fabulous pieces of artwork.

Next we looked at using something other than ‘paint’ to paint with. We has our forest school session and we used mud and water to create our ‘paint’ before finding different natural items to paint with. The children found leaves and sticks, Emma found some feathers too. The children explored using these to create their mud paintings.

Some of the children loved using big movements and using up all of the paper and beyond. This told us that the children needed something bigger scale. These children were given the opportunity to create some large scale art outside using paint splatting and large printing wheels. The children also used their hands and feet as part of the exploration.

Some of the children enjoy using the paint brushed to paint and are into smaller scale painting. We asked the children what they would like to paint a picture of and created a mind map of our ideas.  The general consensus was that they wanted to paint pictures of themselves. We decided to explore self-portraits.

These children painted self-portraits. We talked about what we would need to include by looking at each other’s faces. The children used paint brushes and colours of their choice to create their own self-portraits.

After our self-portrait painting we had a practise of drawing ourselves by looking at where the different parts of our face are. We used a mirror and we looked at our friends to work out where our eyes, nose, mouth and ears go.

All of the children had a really good go of drawing themselves.

The children have loved the paint exploration and we have noticed the children using their new found skills within their paintings.

Our Goldilocks Project, by Mrs Kirkbride

Date: 8th Oct 2019 @ 2:23pm

It all started after we had read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children became really interested in the character of Baby Bear and his feelings. The children thought that Goldilocks was really mean to Baby Bear and made him feel sad. They had lots of ideas as to how we could make Baby Bear feel better. We collated all of these ideas on a mind map.

It was then time to implement these ideas. The children were supported to implement each of their ideas to the fullest, each idea jam-packed with new learning opportunities for the children to explore. From drawing pictures; writing letters; going shopping for ingredients, making cakes and icecream; to constructing beds made from sticks and chairs made from wood and nails, the children did it all!

Each idea valued and every opportunity to learn taken. The children had a blast and to celebrate we held a teddy bears picnic to share our learning experience with our grown ups.

Our Space Project, by Mrs Kirkbride

Date: 8th Oct 2019 @ 1:58pm

Over the past few weeks some of the children have been part of a project based on space.

The project has given the children an opportunity to ask questions and to further their learning, the children have been able to work together to research, explore and learn about things that interest them related to space.

When the project began the children learnt about some of the different planets in our solar system.

We used blow up planets to see what each one looked like and how big it was. We learnt the order of the planets from the sun. We also found out that the sun wasn't a planet, it's a big star.We learnt that the rings of Saturn were made from ice and Mars has volcanoes.

One of the children's questions from our research project was 'Can you dance on the moon?'. We found out that it looks very difficult to walk on the moon.

We started by reading an information book all about the moon. We learnt that you need a rocket to get to the moon and that you also need a space suit, heavy moon boots and a helmet to help breathe as there is no oxygen on the moon.
We noticed that the moon has big holes in it and we learnt that these are called 'craters'.

Next we watched a short clip about landing on the moon and the astronauts walking on the moon. The children noticed that they walked really really slowly and when they jumped they went really slow and high.

Then we made up our own moon dance where we started in a rocket, then climbed onto the moon walked around and looked around to see what was there. We found craters and even aliens! There were no trees or houses or people.

As part of the project the children had the opportunity to watch a dance show based on the moon at the Pyramid in Warrington. We were so proud of the children they were all very well behaved.

After our visit to see the moon show we decided we would make a picture of the moon. We used a big canvass and worked together to paint it in different shades of grey.

We are very proud of our moon painting and it is now displayed in the classroom to show off our 'marvellous moon masterpiece'.

The children have taken great pride in their project and have been eager to share their learning with their peers.

The Dummy Fairy!, by Mrs Wilkie

Date: 2nd Apr 2019 @ 12:59pm

Right in the back corner of Robin Wood, we have a magical, and very beautiful fairy garden. There are lots of fairies who live in the toadstools there, but our favourite fairy is the dummy fairy! The children have been bringing in their dummies and leaving them at the dummy fairy's door. Later on, when the parents come, we go back to the fairy garden, and notice that the fairy has taken the dummies, and swopped them for a beautiful cuddly toy with a magical letter. The children have been so excited about the dummy fairy adventures, and it has been hugely successful in helping families to 'ditch the dummies'.

Dummies cause lots of complications for Speech and Language, oral hygiene, muscle development and self confidence, so it is great to see the fairies working their magic!


"It was a great moment, th first day we kept telling Alice no dummy, hug the teddy, first and second night and often a couple of days she forgot and now she's fine. We don't need to tell her anymore. I am really proud that I have a smart and brave daughter". -Alice's Mummy

"Luna has done better than we expected giving up her dummy, we found the initial chat informative, and she's actually done really well going to sleep without it. She loves the new bunny that the dummy fairy left her. I think what you've done to help and support Luna has been amazing".- Luna's Mummy

"The team were very encouraging and persisitent for my daughte to give up her dummy, you involved Poppy and myself in another child giving their dummy to the fairy, so it didn't seem so daunting when we came to give ours up. I didn't think the process would run as smoothly as it did and I had very little faith that we would give the dummy up as quickly as we did. Poppy has never had a dummy from the day she gave them to the fairies.  I think that the letter from the fairies and the gift is an excellent idea as that's what we read and cuddle when Poppy asks for her dummy."- Poppy's Mummy

Our Visit to West Vale Care Home, by Mrs Wilkie

Date: 27th Feb 2019 @ 2:43pm


Every year at Christmas time some of the children from of Nursery visit Westvale House Care Home. Above are some picture from this years visit. The children love going to see the men and women here and are always welcomed with open arms. The children bring toys and books and share these with all of the residence. Before the children left they sang Christmas carols for everyone. It was a lovely visit enjoyed by everyone.

Forest School- March 2018, by Mrs Wilkie

Date: 27th Feb 2019 @ 2:40pm

This half-term we have had an amazing time at forest school. The children have been exploring the forest and have continued to develop their love of outdoors. The children have been climbing, balancing and taking risks. Some of the children have shown a great interest in the fairy garden and have been developing and building their own fairy houses. This has moved on to receiving and sending letters to the fairies. We also have some special visitors in our bog garden… frog spawn! The children have been observing changes and using books to find out more.


Arley Hall Garden Competition 2018, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 18th Feb 2019 @ 9:40am

This year it was our forth consecutive year of entering the Arley Hall gardening competition and this year we were very excited to have won the people’s choice award. We worked together to design our own garden at the grade-two listed hall, which dates back to the 1830s. We were given a bench in the shape of a dachshund dog by Knutsford-based Fryer’s Garden Centre as a reward for their efforts. Thankyou to all of the parents and pupils who contributed to help make our entry successful.

Rainbow Room, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 13th Feb 2019 @ 3:19pm

Pumpkin Picking - October 2017, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 13th Feb 2019 @ 3:11pm

We have been talking about Halloween and the things we do to celebrate it, such as getting dressed up and carving pumpkins. “What’s pumpkin?” one of the children asked… and so our adventure began. Although we have our very own pumpkins that we grew in nursery, we took a group of children and parents to Kenyon Hall Farm to pick some more. We looked at the different colours, shapes and sizes; there were hundreds! When we came back to nursery we explored everything about them, we look at the skin, open it up and scoop out the seeds. It smells delicious! We also made pumpkin soup using all different utensils, talked about keeping safe with the tools and being healthy. We did observational drawings of the pumpkins, and lastly, we made a face on them ready to carve. Happy Halloween!

“it all slimy”

“smells like potatoes”

Ice Cream Farm, by Mr Ellis

Date: 13th Feb 2019 @ 9:04am

Our Early Learners and their parents visited the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm! We had so much fun visiting the animals, getting soaking wet in the Honeycomb Canyon, playing on the diggers, and exploring the outdoor area! Then we all had lunch together and a delicious ice-cream, before getting on the big coach to bring us all back to nursery! What a busy day!

Chill Factore - February 2018, by Mr Ellis

Date: 13th Feb 2019 @ 9:03am



Once upon a time, in February, something amazing happened! This white stuff was floating about outside! We managed to catch some, and it was so cold and wet, but then it quickly disappeared in our hands, we put our tongues out to try to taste it, and we looked closely at the bits that had fallen on the ground. It was a little bit like rain, a little bit like cotton wool, we decided it was snow, it was magical! Where is it coming from, we wondered… Someone thought it was coming from the ground, someone thought it was coming from the shed…After lots of observing, we worked out that it comes from the sky! Keely said that if there was more snow, we could build a snowman, like Olaf from Frozen! What must it be like to play in lots of snow? We went on a ride on the minibus to Chill Factore, we got wrapped up very warm in special boots and gloves and explored the real snow!

It's not 'just' a box - March 2018, by Mr Ellis

Date: 13th Feb 2019 @ 8:39am

One day, we were all playing, when all of a sudden, there was a box in the room!

It was an enormous box! Keely was pushing it onto the carpet and said it was so heavy so some of the children helped her to push it.  “What’s in it?”, asked the children. We discussed what it could be, could it be a car? Could it be a giraffe? Could it be a feather? It was a mystery. We discussed the shape and size of the box, we listened to it, and we couldn’t hear anything. Charlie noticed it was wrapped up, so began to unwrap it. It was so exciting!

Inside the box, there was someone sleeping! Keely said his name was Peter, and that if we sang some songs, he might wake up. We sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, and ‘Hello, Hello’. He woke up! We spoke to Peter for a little bit and he gave us all a high five, before disappearing! Then the box was ’empty’. The grown ups said that means there’s nothing left in there. Liliana brought a pen and began to write on the box, and all the children joined in. We concentrated for such a long time, doing circles and lines, using our big, and our little muscles. We are marvellous mark-makers.

When the box tipped over, some of the children decided to climb into it, turning the box into a den. The children used lots of problem-solving and mathematical thinking to work out how we could fit in as many friends as possible. There was lots of giggles and whispers as the children hid. Not long after, when children were knocking on to their hiding friends, the box turned into a drum! The children played ‘stop, ready, go’ with the drum beaters.

Later, when the children climbed onto the box and it bent, it quickly turned into a slide! The children waited their turn to have a go on the slide, using their growing social skills to recognise the needs of their friends.

What a lovely day, and all we needed was a box!

The Dream Project - September 2016, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 12th Feb 2019 @ 3:58pm

One of our mini projects this year has been about ‘The Dream’! Some of our Garden Room children had the opportunity to visit ‘The Dream’. The children walked right to the top of the hill where they found the statue towering above them. The children’s faces showed that of awe and wonder as the gazed upon the structure that they had discovered. We spent the day talking about the statue, drawing pictures, taking photographs and exploring the area. The children noticed a door at the back of the statue… we wonder what might be behind the door…

When we got back to Nursery the children created their own representations of the statues using materials of their choice. Some children wanted to manipulate clay and some children chose to create box models. They looked carefully at the pictures they had taken to recreate smaller models.

Stockley Farm - July 2017, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 12th Feb 2019 @ 3:56pm

Everyone had a fantastic time visiting Stockley Farm! The children had the opportunity to meet lots of different farm animals and find out all about them. The children were able to get up close and stroke most of the animals and also feed some of them. We had a ride on the tractor and it took us to the special surprise… the giant birthday cake! The children were a credit to the Nursery and behaved so well, they all listened to the grown-ups with care and respect. What a fabulous trip!

Mad about Mushrooms!, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 12th Feb 2019 @ 3:53pm

In Forest School, something amazing has happened! The children discovered an enormous mass of toadstools! They were so fascinated and went hunting for more mushrooms in and around the forest, finding lots of different types! We talked about how they look and smell, and how to keep safe around them by not touching or eating them. Back in nursery, Harvey shared the exciting news! We brought some of the mushrooms into the classroom so we could have a closer look with magnifying glasses, and started doing some observational drawings of them. We also used the Ipads to find out more about the mushrooms, such as where they come from! It is so magical!

Our Visit to West Vale Care Home, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 12th Feb 2019 @ 3:50pm

Every year at Christmas time some of the children from of Nursery visit Westvale House Care Home. Above are some picture from this years visit. The children love going to see the men and women here and are always welcomed with open arms. The children bring toys and books and share these with all of the residence. Before the children left they sang Christmas carols for everyone. It was a lovely visit enjoyed by everyone.

Super Slow Snails - September 2018, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 12th Feb 2019 @ 3:12pm



As we were tidying our garden in preparation for the winter we found some snails.  The children in the group  handled them carefully and showed great interest so the adults decided to turn this interest into an Investigative Research Project (IRP)  We started by discussing with the group what they wanted to find out about snails.  The children wanted to know what snails liked to eat, how they ate and how they moved and the project began.

As we were going to be watching and learning more about the snails we decided to make them a cosy home and thought about what they would like.  Children collected leaves and small twigs and lined the bottom of a glass tank before placing the snails carefully inside. Then we decided to try feeding the snails some fruit and chose apple and banana.  We cut the fruit up into pieces and watched to see which, if any would be eaten.  After watching closely it was clear that the snails enjoyed eating the banana but didn’t even try the apple so we knew snails liked to eat banana.  Next we made snail soup, blended lettuce, and painted it on the inside of the tank.  We watched the snails move up the side of the tank and begin to eat the soup.  Children watched with interest and we used the iPad and books to learn more about how a snail ate.  We learnt that snails have lots of tiny teeth.  We used magnifying glasses to see if we could see the snails’ teeth but they were far too small.   As we watched the snails eating the soup we talked about how slow they were moving and again used the iPad and books to find out information about how they moved.  We learnt that a snail has 1 big foot that it travels on and we watched the foot move as it was stuck to the inside of the tank.  We looked at the silvery trail the foot left to show where the snail had travelled.  The children also enjoyed looking at the different snail shells and knew the shell was the snails ‘home’.  Although some of the snail shells had different coloured shells they had one thing in common, the spiral shape on the shell. The children explored this by drawing their own spirals.  Once we have completed our research and answered all our questions we made sure to return the snails to the garden where we had originally found them. We learnt a lot about snails and thoroughly enjoyed our 1st Investigative Research Project. We displayed our learning so that other children could find out about snails too.

Garden Room, by Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Date: 11th Feb 2019 @ 12:14pm