Holi Festival- Sunshine Room

During the month of March 2021 - Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School celebrated Indias Holi Festival or the "festival of colours" as it is sometimes also known. 


Holi is a Hindu festival which welcomes the start of spring time and promotes sharing and love. The children in Sunshine Room have been learning all about India as a country through music, reading and video. They have participated in traditional Indian bell dancing called Ghungroo and enjoyed creating their own brightly coloured artwork using sequins and feathers. During their sensory cooking session they were able to create some delicious chapattis and flabreads as well as being given opportunities to explore and mark make in a variety of rice and lentils. 


Together we investigated lots of different clothing textures and materials- talking about the variety of patterns and colours the children could see, before we created our own  sarees to wear. The culmination to the festival was a traditional "colour run" in Forest School- where the children where supported in finding different colorued areas hidden around the trees before engaging in traditional paint throwing. This was the first time we have held our very own Holi Festival at nursery and I am sure it won't be the last! 

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