Edible mud

Edible mud

It is easy to make and if you like chocolate , which I am sure you do, it will taste scrumptious. From this particular activity, and with the support of your adult, we would like you to mix and make marks.

What you will need:
•2 cups of flour
•1/2 cup of cocoa powder
•1/3 cup of vegetable oil

1. To start with I would like you to explore cocoa powder using your senses, it might be something you have haven’t explored before. What colour is the cocoa powder? How does it feel? Does it smell nice? Your adult should use simple words to describe cocoa powder using words like , brown, soft, chocolate etc. Your adult could encourage you to use your fingers to make marks in the dry cocoa powder or if you are reluctant to use your hands you could use utensils from your kitchen. Once you have explored the cocoa powder your adult should help you to measure out the cocoa powder and place it into a mixing bowl.

2. Now it’s time to explore the flour, this is something that should be familiar to you as we have used this in nursery when we have been baking. You could explore the flour in the same way as you did with cocoa powder. Your adult should use simple words to describe the flour like soft, white and dry. Once you have finished exploring your adult should help you to measure out the flour and add it to the cocoa powder. Use a spoon and give it a big mix

3. It’s time to add the oil a little at a time. What’s happening to the dry mixture ? Has it changed? Your adult should use words like wet, sticky , sloppy etc. Once you have added the oil it’s time to give it a big mix again using your spoon.

Now it’s time to have fun!
Dip your fingers or hands into the edible mud. As this is edible, it doesn't matter too much if you want to put this in your mouth, I wonder if it might taste yummy. If you are reluctant to touch the mud then maybe your adult can help you to touch the mud by putting a small amount on your fingers or the back of your hand. Your adult could offer utensils for you to use to explore the mud, spoons are great for scooping up the mixture.

Now using your fingers, hands or mark making tool (spoon) make marks in the mud or have fun scooping the mud and pouring it into different size containers. Your adult could support you to scoop, pat, poke, splash, smear and make different marks in the mud.

What also might be good and different way to explore the edible mud is by adding some of your favourite things for example, dinosaurs, farm animals etc.

Your adult should use simple repeated words to describe what you are doing, 'dab, smear, scoop, splash, splosh, drip, ready steady go etc.

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