Cloud dough

Cloud dough

For this sensory activity you will need a grown up to get you:
*vegetable oil
*measuring cups
*large mixing bowl

You can also use cornflour and hair conditioner too.

1. To start with I would like you to explore the flour using your senses like you have done before. How does the flour feel on your hands? What colour is the flour? I wonder how you might explore the flour. Once you have explored the flour with your grown up I would like you to measure out the flour using the measuring cup, you need one cup of flour. With support from your grown up you need to pour this into your mixing bowl.

2. Now it’s time to add the oil / conditioner. Enjoy spending time exploring it first using your senses, does it smell nice? How does it feel? Your adult should use simple words to describe this to you like wet, sticky, cold etc. Again using your measuring cup you and your grown up need to measure one cup of oil to add to the flour. Using your hands you need to give this a good mix, try squeezing it in both of your hands, I wonder how this might feel.

3. Once you have mixed it together it should feel silky! Cloud dough is a fun mouldable substance that provides perfect sensory, science and fine motor experiences for everyone.

What can you make with your cloud dough? I like to make cupcakes with mine but I wonder what ideas you might come up with?

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