Bubble wrap painting

Bubble wrap painting

Don't worry if you don't have everything to hand today. You can always do this activity when you have each item in your home.

For this activity your adult will need:
• bubble wrap
• shaving cream
• tape (to tape the bubble wrap to the tray, table or floor)
• paint or food colouring

Before you begin the activity your adult should provide you with a little sample of each item and help you to explore using your hands and even your feet. If you are a bit reluctant to explore, your adult could try first, showing you what to do. Then, they could begin by smearing a little foam or paint on your fingers or toes, or by gently wiping the bubble wrap over the top of your hands, over your palms or on / under your feet. As you become more relaxed try to explore using your fingers, toes, whole hand and feet.

As you touch and feel, your adult could talk to you about the name of each item and say some words which will help you to understand how each item feels and sounds, soft, bubbly, smooth, cold, thick, runny, crinkly, pop.

We want you to develop confidence in exploring unfamiliar textures, to build your attention and listening skills, and to practise using your hands and feet in a variety of ways, which will help you to develop your gross and fine motor skills (early writing and reading skills).

You could use your hands/feet to pat, squash, grasp, smear, dab, tap, poke, press. As you do this, your adult should name each action so that you begin to hear the word that describes the movement, and make those links in your thinking and learning. You could even sit on the bubble wrap and listen to the sound it makes.

I wonder if you can get the bubble wrap to pop!

Now its time to paint!
• Your adult should first tape a large piece of the bubble wrap to the tray, table or to the floor to stop it moving around.
• They should then squirt some shaving cream onto the bubble wrap.
• Add a few squirts of colour or dollops of paint if you like (don't worry if you have no colour, shaving foam on bubble wrap is just as interesting)
• No explore, explore, explore!

Be careful not to get the shaving cream in your eyes.

It's messy business but lots of fun!

If your adult is feeling brave they could cover the floor with bubble wrap so that you can explore using your whole body.

Enjoy! We can't wait to see how much fun you have.

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