Physical Development

What is Physical Development?
Physical development is as the title suggests about how babies and young children gain control of their bodies, but it also includes how children learn about keeping themselves active and healthy and how they learn to use equipment and materials successfully and safely.

In the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage, Physical Development is broken down into two aspects:

+ Moving and Handling
+ Health and Self-Care

Moving and Handling
We often take for granted the way we move about in a crowd avoiding all the people around us – yet little children have to learn skills such as walking, balancing and not bumping into things. As well as developing the gross motor skills required to move about children also need to develop control of all the smaller muscles which move when we pick something up or put it down – these take time to develop and come through using and playing with objects such as spoons, beakers, cars, jigsaws and other playthings. From this early start children develop body-confidence which encourages them to want to push a car along a track, ride a scooter or jump in a puddle. As children develop control and coordination they eventually learn how to handle items such as a felt pen, a pair of scissors or a paint brush.

Health and Self-Care
Through Health and Self-care children find out about the effects of a healthy life style on their bodies. This includes all the factors that affect healthy development including making healthy choices in relation to food. It also includes managing their personal needs, such as dressing, when it is appropriate.

At Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School we currently offer our children the opportunity to take part in sessions on a weekly basis with Sport Works Ltd. Here is what they provide for our children.

Sport Works: Our Values
Sport Works believe that attitudes to sport are formed by experiences at school – it is therefore our mission to ensure those early childhood experiences are positive ones, and that our high quality, inclusive programmes can set young people on a path to regular exercise and sporting activity well in to adulthood.

Our team of inclusion specialists deliver curricular and extra-curricular sporting programmes to a range of mainstream and special schools  – many of the pupils we engage with have never previously had access to regular sport.

While enabling children to access high quality sports coaching is an essential part of the funding, we believe that the Sport Works should be used to leave a lasting legacy of knowledge – therefore part of our school sport offer is to upskill teaching and support staff.

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Diary Dates

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Warrington Inclusion Hub: Committed to Inclusion: 2018-19
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26