Characteristics of Effective Learning

The Characteristics of Effective Learning describe the behaviours children use in order to learn.  Children who are curious, enthusiastic and motivated will approach learning opportunities with energy and confidence.  Eager young minds will keep on trying to achieve the outcome they want.  Children will ask questions, have their own ideas and test these in a variety of ways. The role of staff in delivering our curriculum and supporting children in their chosen play is to ensure learning is effective. We do this by providing meaningful opportunities to a child, so that they are able to use what they have learned and apply it in new situations.  Developing these Characteristics of Effective Learning will equip children to be lifelong learners with the abilities and attitudes which support them, at this early stage in their learning journey, to make good progress in all the Areas of Learning and Development   

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The Characteristics of Effective Learning document below will explain how staff and you as parents and carers can support, nurture and develop these characteristics with children.

Further information on the Characteristics of Effective Learning can be found by clicking on the link below

Rationale for Characteristics of Effective Learning, Tickell Review

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