Our Spectacular Soup

We have been exploring different vegetables in Sunshine Room! We have been learning their names, smelling them, feeling them, and tasting them. Last week, we decided to make a soup with our vegetables! The children all took part in chopping up the vegetables carefully with a sharp knife, together, we added them to the blender with some stock, and watched what happened, as the vegetables turned all mushy! After cooking it on the pan, we all had a taste and it was delicious! Lots of the parents were so pleased that their child had eaten new vegetables, so we decided to invite our parents in, to make the soup again, together with our parents.

This time, we went shopping together to get the vegetables. We all had our own visual shopping lists so we had very important jobs. Then some of our parents and grandparents came in to help us to make the soup again! 

We sent the soup recipe home, with a cooking bag with all the required ingredients! Lots of families have tried this, and say it has benefitted the whole family in trying new foods, learning new language, and trying new things together!

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