2022 Spring Term 2 - "What can I grow?"

During Spring Term 2, Rainbow Room children have been investigating the question: "What can I grow?"


As well as our fantastic Forest School, we are also fortunate enough to have a wonderful outdoor space complete with our own vegetable patch and small fruit orchard. We have used a variety of gardening tools to explore seeds and beans, planting them in structured group time with the hopes that they will grow into something delicious!  The children have been supported to work on developing both their fine and gross motor skills during these activities, learning how to manipulate a range of different shaped and sized resources- as well as building up their tolerences for wet and messy textures. 


We have been able to incorporate these explorations into our sensory cooking sessions to make different healthy recipes such as pea and mint soup and special carrot cake muffins for the children to taste at snack time. 


During this term we have also had a number of special occassions with tailored activities to engage in such as Mothers Day, World Book Day and St.Patricks Day! - Please see Rainbow Room "Gallery Items" for more pictures and information on these days.  

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