A sensory diet in Forest School

We offer a range of appropriate sensory activities to our children in Rainbow room each day and this continues during our Forest School sessions too. 


A sensory diet is a group of activities that are specifically chosen for each childs individual needs and are scheduled into each nursery session to work towards developing attention, arousal and adaptive responses.

The use of specific types of input; proprioceptive, tactile, visual auditory, vestibular, gustatory, and oral motor are introduced during various times of the day and can assist the  children with their ability to regulate themselves ready to explore and learn. These different types of input cause a release of neuro-chemicals that can last
up to two hours, depending on the type of input and intensity. 

Diary Dates

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Warrington Inclusion Hub: Committed to Inclusion: 2018-19
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26