Chinese New Year

We have been preparing for Chinese New Year by introducing the children to chinese food, chinese lion dancing and a chinese restaurant in our role play area. 

During our daily Hello Time the children explored traditional chinese outfits called a qipao. They looked at chinese writing called Hanzi. And they explored tradtitional chinese cutlery, inclduing chopsticks, a chinese soup spoon and traditionally decoarated plates. 

The children were mesmerised by the videos of past chinese new year celebrations and loved getting involved, banging the drums along with the chinese lion dance music. If you would like to watch one of the videos with your child have a look at this lion dance on youtube 

The children enjoyed a delicious chinese banquet of noodles, egg fried rice, bean sprouts, prawn crackers and spring rolls.

Finally the children all enjoyed exploring the chinese restaurant in the role play area. They enjoyed using chop sticks and used the scoops and had a chinese menu full of delicious chinese food. 

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