Kings and Queens of the Forest

A magical morning in the forest! Autumn has arrived in the forest and the floor is littered with beautiful golden leaves – the perfect jewels to decorate our nature crowns! We spent some time exploring the forest and searching for the best treasures to stick to our crowns. We found brown leaves, red leaves and bright yellow leaves. Then we sat together in a group as we worked hard to carefully create our masterpieces, however the children had more excitng ideas for the leaves and started to throw them into the air. We all laughed as the leaves got stuck in our hair!  When we had finished our bellies started to rumble so Jo decided it was the perfect time for a forest school fire. Fires can be dangerous so Jo told us all about the HOT fire and how we must listen carefully and stay sat down until invited to come closer.  When the fire was ready we each took a turn to toast a slice of bread. It was so exciting, we had a taste of the toast and a delicious drink of hot chocolate to warm us up. 


Diary Dates