Term 2.2 - Visiting Gaia at Parr Hall

Luke Jerram's beautiful 7m diameter artwork of Earth is currently exhibited at Parr Hall as part of an extensive UK tour before heading off to Australia! Some of you may remember the frisson caused by Luke Jerram's Moon when it came to Warrington a few years ago. Gaia is an incredible suspended model created with NASA images of the Earth's surface. This is a unique and wonderful opportunity for our children to see a breath-taking and inspiring piece of artwork.

Today a group of our children had the amazing opportunity to visit the Gaia. We took some time to look at the artwork and talk about it the children where able to tell us that it was a ball shape; it was a planet; it was green, blue and white and that it was called Earth. They also knew that people live their too. We used cameras to take pictures as well as doing some fabulous observational drawings. We sat underneath it to read a story about a rocket too. 

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