Rainbow Room - Holi

Rainbow Room children learnt all about the importance of Gulal Powder during the festivities of Holi, and used a range of natural resources to create their own.

This brightly coloured paint is thrown into the air and onto each other during the celebrations and it is beleived that some colours have significant meanings; 

Gulal powder comes in many colours and some are thought to signify specific things:

  • red = love
  • blue = Krishna
  • yellow = turmeric (a spice used in lots of Indian food)
  • green = spring

Here is a list of the natural ingrediants the children used to create their own powder paints:

Purple - chopped red cabbage boiled in water

Pink - grated beetroot pressed through a sieve

Yellow - Tumeric

Green - spinach pressed through a sieve

Red - red flower petals blended with water

Blue - blue flower petals blended with water

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