Chill Factore - February 2018

Class: Sunshine Room Year: 2018 - 19



Once upon a time, in February, something amazing happened! This white stuff was floating about outside! We managed to catch some, and it was so cold and wet, but then it quickly disappeared in our hands, we put our tongues out to try to taste it, and we looked closely at the bits that had fallen on the ground. It was a little bit like rain, a little bit like cotton wool, we decided it was snow, it was magical! Where is it coming from, we wondered… Someone thought it was coming from the ground, someone thought it was coming from the shed…After lots of observing, we worked out that it comes from the sky! Keely said that if there was more snow, we could build a snowman, like Olaf from Frozen! What must it be like to play in lots of snow? We went on a ride on the minibus to Chill Factore, we got wrapped up very warm in special boots and gloves and explored the real snow!

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