Exploring Winter

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Garden Room Year: 2020 - 2021

This term the children in Garden Room have been exploring the season of winter.

We have thought about and explored some 'big questions' including:

Which animals live in cold places?

To help us with this question we used books and the internet to find out more about different animals and where they live. Over the week the children were able o expand their knowledge in this area and learnt a lot about different animals that like the cold.

We also found out a little bit about animals that prefer warm places and also animals that hibernate through the winter. We made some delicious hedgehog bread rolls to have for our snack.

What happened to the snowman?

Duing this week we read a winter story about children playing out in the snow, in the story the children played lots of games. They made footprints in the snow; they had a snowball fight; they built a snowman and they walked through the woods. At the end of the story the children went home saying goodbye to the snowman...

We talked about when it snowed recently and talked about the games we played, lots of the children made a snowman. I wondered if the snowmen where still there... the children said no! I told the children that I had built a snowman too, but he had changed and didn’t really look like a snowman anymore.

But where did the snowman go?

The children had lots of lovely ideas and we spent the week exploring ice and snow in our provision. We talked about what snow is made from, and where it comes from. We also explored what happened to ice when we warm it up. Some of the children were able to remember the word ‘melt’ and ‘melting’ to describe what happens.

Would you rather be a penguin or a polar bear?

We asked the children to think about what they wanted to be and wondered if they could tell us why. We watched some programmes about penguins and polar bears to helo us to learn more about them we also looked at some information books to help us in our decision. We found out that penguins like to dive and swim, they eat fish and they waddle! Polar bears slide along the ice, are good swimmers too and roll in the snow.

At the end of the week we thought about all we had learnt about penguins and polar bears and shared this in our review time.

We decorated some biscuits too, choosing to make either a polar bear or a penguin. They were delicious!


It has been a very busy half term at nursery full of fun and learning. Next term we are exploring spring!


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