Term 1:1 What do I know about me?

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Garden Room Year: 2021 - 2022

This half-term the children have been thinking about our 'big question'...

What do I know about me?

The children have taken part in many actitivies and discussions around themselves; their families; likes and dislikes; smiliarities and differences and much more.

The children have learnt so much about each other and have a growing sense of belonging within our nursery community. This has been lovely to whitness. 

The children used mirrors to draw self-portraits and worked together to create some big art that is now being proudly displayed at Orford Jubilee Hub. The children drew outlines around their peers and we used a collage technique to fill in the clothing. We used colour mixing to create skin tones and used a variety of media and materials to add to our completed artwork. 


The children are now able to talk about themselves and their families at their own level and have a secure sense of belonging as part of our Nursery.

They are able to talk about the texts shared during the term with some support and will engage in conversations about these texts, they have learnt new vocabulary and extended their range of language.

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