Ducklings 2018

Over the past few weeks we have had some very special visitors in our nursery. On the 12th March 5 eggs were delivered to our nursery. We wondered what might be inside. The children came up with lots of different ideas. Could it be a dinosaur? Could it be a chick? Could it be a hedgehog? Well, just 2 days later we noticed the eggs starting to crack and out of the egg came… DUCKLINGS! The children were so excited. We talked about what they looked like and how they got out of the eggs. We read a variety of stories and books all about ducks to find out more. The children wanted to know if anything else came out of eggs. So we did a bit of research…the children found out that lots of animals come from eggs. Such as, snakes, turtle, chicks and even crocodiles.

After a few days it was time to teach the duck how to swim! The children enjoyed watching the ducklings in the water using their feet to paddle around the water tray. some of the duckling swam slowly and some swan really fast. What an amazing experience!

Before we had to say goodbye the children all handled the ducklings. We talked about having kind and gentle hands and making sure we didn’t hurt them.