Term 2.1 What do I know about Winter?

This half term our Big Question was “What do I know about Winter?”

We started by talking in family groups about what we knew about winter and a lot of the children explained about it being cold and there being snow. 

Over the half term we have learnt more about winter by looking at our book ‘Winter’ by Emily Dufresne which told us about winter clothes, animals that hibernate, winter festivals and how we can keep warm in winter.

We have used other books and the internet to find out more about animals like hedgehogs, bears, snakes and turtles that hibernate because they don’t like the cold so they sleep until spring. We also learned that some animals migrate, or travel to warmer places over the winter like whales and birds. At home we asked the children to find out about animals that like the cold and they shared all about white foxes, artic hares, penguins and polar bears with us. In Forest school we have talked about how there isn't much food around for the birds in winter and the children have made 'bird pizzas' and filled up the feeders with seeds to make sure the birds don't get hungry, 

We learned the Makaton signs for Winter, Cold, Ice, Snow, Gloves and Hat and made some warming winter soup. The children enjoyed have exploring ice, and talked about melting and freezing, found ice outside on colder days and even caught hail in their hands! The children also joined in a Winter Olympics sensory activity.

Lastly we talked about cold colours like blue, purple and grey and the children created winter paintings.

As a result of our winter exploration in nursery the children can now talk about Winter more confidently and we have been able to add to our knowledge mindmaps.

They can engage in conversation about which animals hibernate and why and which animals like the cold. They can also share ideas about how to keep warm and what colours make them feel cold or warm.

What a busy half term and what a lot we now know about Winter!

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