Transient Art

One of the children was making faces with shells in the sand area! She was using her imagination to represent the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Jo told her how amazing this idea was, and gave her a frame to help her to represent it to her friends. Soon after, lots of children were engaging in 'transient art'. The children were using the natural materials to create their own individual images, or simply gaining an understanding of the properties of the different objects.

Transient art is known as moveable art, it is a collection of materials that children create a picture from, The materials that are used are open-ended resources, and there is no permanent end product.

Offering transient art in nursery opens up plenty of learning opportunities for children. It can help develop creativity as well as their imagination skills. Transient art offers children the ability to create and explore materials without pressure being put on them. With the materials being moveable it allows children to think of  ideas and  change them when needed.

We will be doing lots more transient art in Sunshine Room, and it would be great if parents could do it at home, too! Send us your snaps on Tapestry!

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