Each week the children are invited to a 1-1 woodwork session with Jo it is a great opportunity for the children to explore resources that they wouldn't typically have the opportuntity to engage with.

Week one -  Jo helped the children hammer golf tee's into a water melon. This opportunity allowed the children to hold a heavy hammer, whilst also working on their hand eye coordination. As the hammer is heavy each child had to work out the best way to hold the hammer in order to hit the tees into the melon. Some children had to use two hands to hold the hammer up. Jo encouraged the children by modelling first how to hold the hammer and "tap, tap, tap" the tee into the water melon. When it was the childrens turn Jo reminded them of what they needed to do by repeating "tap, tap, tap."

Week Two - Jo continued to encourge the children to hammer the golf tees into a watermelon, however this week the children had to find a way to get the tee into the melon. Jo again used modelling to demonstrate to the children a way to get the tee to stick in - she pinched the tee with her fingers to hold it in place whilst holding the hammer in the other hand to gently tap it in. This week was much trickier than last but lots of the children showed their resillience and perserverance. 

Week Three- This week was different as we moved from hammers to screwdrivers. This task was tricky because we had to use our fingers to twist the top of the screw driver and make sure it was in the top of the screw to make the screw go down. It was another opportunity to develop hand eye coordination and perserverance and like always the children rose to the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the activity. 


Diary Dates