Our Space Project

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Garden Room Year: 2019 - 2020

Over the past few weeks some of the children have been part of a project based on space.

The project has given the children an opportunity to ask questions and to further their learning, the children have been able to work together to research, explore and learn about things that interest them related to space.

When the project began the children learnt about some of the different planets in our solar system.

We used blow up planets to see what each one looked like and how big it was. We learnt the order of the planets from the sun. We also found out that the sun wasn't a planet, it's a big star.We learnt that the rings of Saturn were made from ice and Mars has volcanoes.

One of the children's questions from our research project was 'Can you dance on the moon?'. We found out that it looks very difficult to walk on the moon.

We started by reading an information book all about the moon. We learnt that you need a rocket to get to the moon and that you also need a space suit, heavy moon boots and a helmet to help breathe as there is no oxygen on the moon.
We noticed that the moon has big holes in it and we learnt that these are called 'craters'.

Next we watched a short clip about landing on the moon and the astronauts walking on the moon. The children noticed that they walked really really slowly and when they jumped they went really slow and high.

Then we made up our own moon dance where we started in a rocket, then climbed onto the moon walked around and looked around to see what was there. We found craters and even aliens! There were no trees or houses or people.

As part of the project the children had the opportunity to watch a dance show based on the moon at the Pyramid in Warrington. We were so proud of the children they were all very well behaved.

After our visit to see the moon show we decided we would make a picture of the moon. We used a big canvass and worked together to paint it in different shades of grey.

We are very proud of our moon painting and it is now displayed in the classroom to show off our 'marvellous moon masterpiece'.

The children have taken great pride in their project and have been eager to share their learning with their peers.

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