Pumpkin Picking - October 2017

Class: Sunshine Room Year: 2018 - 19

We have been talking about Halloween and the things we do to celebrate it, such as getting dressed up and carving pumpkins. “What’s pumpkin?” one of the children asked… and so our adventure began. Although we have our very own pumpkins that we grew in nursery, we took a group of children and parents to Kenyon Hall Farm to pick some more. We looked at the different colours, shapes and sizes; there were hundreds! When we came back to nursery we explored everything about them, we look at the skin, open it up and scoop out the seeds. It smells delicious! We also made pumpkin soup using all different utensils, talked about keeping safe with the tools and being healthy. We did observational drawings of the pumpkins, and lastly, we made a face on them ready to carve. Happy Halloween!

“it all slimy”

“smells like potatoes”

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