The Dummy Fairy!

Class: Sunshine Room Year: 2018 - 19

Right in the back corner of Robin Wood, we have a magical, and very beautiful fairy garden. There are lots of fairies who live in the toadstools there, but our favourite fairy is the dummy fairy! The children have been bringing in their dummies and leaving them at the dummy fairy's door. Later on, when the parents come, we go back to the fairy garden, and notice that the fairy has taken the dummies, and swopped them for a beautiful cuddly toy with a magical letter. The children have been so excited about the dummy fairy adventures, and it has been hugely successful in helping families to 'ditch the dummies'.

Dummies cause lots of complications for Speech and Language, oral hygiene, muscle development and self confidence, so it is great to see the fairies working their magic!


"It was a great moment, th first day we kept telling Alice no dummy, hug the teddy, first and second night and often a couple of days she forgot and now she's fine. We don't need to tell her anymore. I am really proud that I have a smart and brave daughter". -Alice's Mummy

"Luna has done better than we expected giving up her dummy, we found the initial chat informative, and she's actually done really well going to sleep without it. She loves the new bunny that the dummy fairy left her. I think what you've done to help and support Luna has been amazing".- Luna's Mummy

"The team were very encouraging and persisitent for my daughte to give up her dummy, you involved Poppy and myself in another child giving their dummy to the fairy, so it didn't seem so daunting when we came to give ours up. I didn't think the process would run as smoothly as it did and I had very little faith that we would give the dummy up as quickly as we did. Poppy has never had a dummy from the day she gave them to the fairies.  I think that the letter from the fairies and the gift is an excellent idea as that's what we read and cuddle when Poppy asks for her dummy."- Poppy's Mummy

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