January welcomed “World Religion Day” where each room spent time learning about the beliefs, the similarities and the differences of the six main World Religions/faiths: Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. To further their explorations, each room chose 1 religion to investigate further; Garden Room- Hinduism, Sunshine Room- Buddhism and Rainbow Room- Judaism.

-Garden room explored a range of music and sounds associated with Hinduism and incorporated them into some Yoga sessions- working on breathing techniques and calming their mind and body.

-Sunshine room investigated the importance of “flowers and plants” to the Buddhism faith and arranged a sensory cooking session where they made a traditional Tibetan noodle soup.

-Rainbow room learnt about the Jewish Festival of TuBishvat; the celebration of trees. They created natural woodwork art, spent time planting their own trees and herbs in the garden and baked a traditional Jewish lemon, fig and mint cake.

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Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26