Primary School Admissions 2024

To help parents with information about children’s admission to primary school the information below has been taken directly from the Warrington Borough Council website (link below) if you have any questions or need any support accessing or completing the forms please speak to Janet or Louise in the office.

Primary School Admissions 2024

Information about first admission to reception class in September 2024.

The online form should be completed by Warrington residents only. If you live outside of the Warrington area (i.e. pay council tax to another Local Authority) you are able to state a preference for a Warrington school, but must apply using your home Local Authority online application form.  

If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 they are due to start reception class in September 2024. All applicants are advised to read the primary education information booklet below before completing the online application form:

Primary School Admissions Booklet for Sept 2024

map indicating the location of all Warrington Primary schools is available for your information.

Supplementary Forms

Please be aware that if any of your preferences are for a faith school, then you must complete the individual schools own supplementary form, as well as, the application form.

These supplementary forms are used by the schools to provide them with relevant information, to help them decide the correct oversubscription criteria that your child falls under.

Supplementary forms are also available from the individual schools and completed forms should be returned directly to the school.

Child in care, medical or social application information

If you want your child’s application to be reviewed with child in care, medical or social criteria, you need to send verifying information with your application. Please email this to the School Admission team [email protected] as a scanned document. You can also send copies of it by post. Please do not send photographs of verifying information.

Child in care information

If your child is in care or was formerly in care, you must send details of the Local Authority the child was in the care of and a copy of the Adoption Certificate, Child Arrangement Order or Special Guardianship Order.

Medical or social information

Please send supporting evidence from a registered professional, such as a Medical Practitioner, Psychologist or Social Worker, which sets out detailed reasons why the school in question is the most suitable school for your child.

Apply online for Reception Admission

Getting an offer of a place

Offers are sent to all on-time applications by email unless you choose to get this by post. Email offers will be sent to the address you gave on the online application form from 10am on 16 April 2024. If you chose to be told by post, letters will be sent by second class post on 16 April  2024. Please allow time for delivery.


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