Sunshine room

Sunshine room spent some time with a special visitor, Purvi, who taught us all about the celebrations that take place during Diwali- the Festival of Light. 

The children were able to wear some traditional clothing and engage in a special music and movement session together with their peers in Rainbow room. They also had the opportunity to join an inclusive big art session were they made a beautiful Diwali collage using a range of different materials and textures to create vibrant, colourful patterns and stick them onto dramatic black card using paint brushes and glue. 

During their group time they created their own Rangoli sponge paintings- Rangoli are beautiful geometric prints that are used to decorate peoples homes during their celebrations. They extended this exploration by then creating special 3D rangoli pictures in frames using brightly coloured rice and a range of sesnory exploratory resources such as scoops and spoons.

Diary Dates

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Warrington Inclusion Hub: Committed to Inclusion: 2018-19
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26