June & July

Throughout the months of June and July, we have been recognising and celebrating all of the wonderful achievements of our children, both at home and at nursery. We have been shining the "Celebration Spotlight" on our Proud Moments... no matter how big or small they may seem!

At Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance are implicitly embedded in our curriculum and nursery life. We strive to develop in the children a positive sense of themselves and to increase their self-esteem by providing opportunities for them to see their own talents and to develop their own abilities. We explore language to express our feelings and support the children in understanding their own responsibilities.

The culmination of our proud celebration was a magical PROUD PARADE where the children were encouraged to come to their nursery session wearing something that represented them or made them happy such as fancy dress costumes, facepaints and glitter, traditional dress or simply their favourite outfit. On arrival at nursery there was a host of exciting outdoor activities that the children could participate in at their leisure including; outdoor bowling, inclusive parachute games and a tricky balancing course. Together, all children and staff paraded around the nursery grounds to celebrate each other whilst listening to party music, dancing with cheerleaders, exploring bubble machines and posing for photographers. Once the parade was finished, everybody had a special pizza party at snack time surrounded by balloons and beautiful proud decorations which the children had created in the weeks leading up to the event. 

Search for coverage of our special day in the Warrington Guardian Newspaper online! 



Diary Dates

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Warrington Inclusion Hub: Committed to Inclusion: 2018-19
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26