Sunshine Room- Buddhism

Sunshine Room chose to further explore Buddhism as their Religion of the month. Buddhists follow a vegetarian diet so the children made and ate traditional Tibetan Noodle Soup. It was a sensory cooking experience as they smelt the different herbs and spices and explored frozen spinach, then they mixed and kneaded the flour and water to make the noodles and rolled them into shape! Here is the recipe for you to make at home  

The children explored flowers in the water tray; as flowers are a very imprtative part of Buddhist tradition. The different flowers have different meanings from perseverance, respect, wisdom and discipline.

Finally, they learnt all about the importance of mindfulness and meditation -for Buddhists, meditation is a means of heightened awareness. It helps people cultivate the awareness of their dreams, goals,and self-identities and the means to engage in good karma.

Diary Dates

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Warrington Inclusion Hub: Committed to Inclusion: 2018-19
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26
Leading Parent Partnership Award: 2023-26